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Why I Think We Should Keep It Simple!

I often think back to decades gone by and how much simpler life seemed. Life before the smartphone, Facebook and apps. Where people looked at each other on the street and smiled, rather than a sea of faces looking down at their phones. When people would go and say g’day to that good looking person at the bar rather than swiping right (it is right isn’t it???).

Is it really the case though? Was life simpler, or has it simply evolved? Do we really have more in life to navigate or has technology made life easier?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Never in history have we had the freedom to access as much information and connect with each other as we do today. Technology is evolving across all industries in innovative and exciting ways.

But there’s a flip side, and I call it “Bamboozled by bulls***”

I’ll never forget when we hired our 1st SEO company. The guy was rattling off ‘robots XML’ this and ‘metadata’ that…”We are going to need to redirect your 404s”, “Then we going to get more link juice with these anchor texts”…..blah blah blah

I was literally bamboozled by bulls***. Unfortunately, I hired them and 6 months later, $20K of my hard-earned money gone, no results whatsoever to show for it, I finally got up the courage to sack them. Lessons learnt the hard way.

There is beauty in simplicity!

And simplicity is what rules the world today. Apple is the epitome of it and Google lives it. As Richard Branson says:

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple”

And that is precisely why we all need to cut the bull!

It’s time for digital marketing companies to cut the bull. It’s time for your business and people to cut the bull (go on admit it, we are all guilty of over exaggerating and over complicating things.)

Because if we are to deliver great value and results, we have a responsibility to be honest and transparent about cost, time and tactics needed to drive that success and not waste time or money. We all need to strive to be a source of truth, a trusted partner – point your compass in the right direction and our maps will show people the way.

Make it Simple People.

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