Want to play an integral part in growing businesses (ours and our clients)?

Are you passionate about helping businesses grow? Are you naturally curious about how to do things better? Do you consider yourself to be bloody good (and always getting better) at sales and business development? Do you naturally understand business? Looking for a great challenge with a rapidly growing and industry-changing company? If you answered yes to all of these, then we should talk!

Introducing Due North: Where businesses come to grow!

Working hand in hand with business owners, we provide the systems, people, skills and resources required to rapidly grow their businesses. From analytics and optimisation to websites and marketing, to management and system analysis, we are committed to growing each of our clients’ business. We believe in being a true business partner – supportive, passionate and collaborative – because their success is our success!

We improve how they operate, and whatever resources they don’t have but need, we’ve got them covered. With over 20 years’ of experience of running our own businesses (7 in total), we’ve learnt a thing or two about growing businesses. You can find out more at www.due-north.co.

We’re growing quickly!

As our team continues to grow, we are looking to immediately appoint the right sales and business development superstar that will take this business to the next level. This role is perfectly suited for an enthusiastic and skilled sales professional who can make our business thrive.

The person who will be selected to join our team will:

  • A Business Superstar!
  • Be able to drive sales, manage people and drive the growth our business
  • Be a curious learner and immerse themselves in all things sales and marketing
  • Be entrepreneurial at heart (and preferably started there own business at one point in time)
  • A natural networker
  • Great communicator with excellent written skills
  • If you looked up “attention to detail!” in the dictionary, a picture of you would be there
  • Be familiar with modern digital marketing strategies and techniques
  • Have 1st rate people skills
  • Work well in a dynamic environment and thrive on deadlines

Not for the feint hearted: Drive the growth of our Melbourne client base (sales and business development. Reporting to the Owner, the purpose of this role is to drive the growth of our business in Melbourne: Get more clients and impress there socks off! We work with sme’s in that $2-$20mil space in driving their revenue growth. We’ve got a great base, this is your chance to take it to the next level. There is tremendous opportunity to add your expertise and flair to our ever-evolving business and product offering.

A Real Partner

You will be treated as a real business partner that will win when the business wins and go home struggling when the business doesn’t do so well. You’ll eat what you kill (with a modest base), but will bask in glory as the results blossom from your heart work, determination and commitment.

With this role comes a great responsibility and opportunity to join an industry-leading team that is at the forefront of the marketing and sales world. And upon proving your skills with results, there comes opportunity in developing the scope of the role and also in helping to define, build and grow our business, brand and positioning:

Go hard or go home

Based in South Melbourne but you can work from anywhere in this role, and the more you are out meeting leads, networking etc the better

Start on a modest base (do need to eat), but the reward comes with results with an an attractive renumeration structure and long term ownership options

If you think you’ve got what it takes and you’re as good as you think you are, then let’s catch up for a coffee! Contact Ben on 0412 448 194 or ben@due-north.co

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