Should I pay to boost a social media post?

by | 9 Sep 2019

With social media, you are given the offer to boost a post. Should you be doing that?

Absolutely. Every single post you put up, you should be boosting.

Reasons why:

  • On average a post you put up on your businesses social profile is seen by less than 10% of your target audience
  • By paying to boost it, you are getting the message to more people
  • If you are going to the effort to do content, make it great content that engages, that it adds real value to your tribe
  • No point in doing a post that is seen by nobody (or very few)
  • So the only way to get value out of it is to pay for more people to see it

If you are going to the effort of producing something, you want as many as you can to see it.

The only way to do that is to pay for it. If you are not prepared to pay for it, don’t do it. It means the post’s quality is not good enough to be boosted.

This is quality over quantity any day of the week. Do less but do it better.

If you have a great piece of content, boosting it and only doing it once a month, then that’s perfect. You don’t need to be posting six times a week with ordinary content that is seen by very few people – there is no point. As long as it is in this sweet spot, it’s adding value to your target audience, related to your business, pay to get the word out!

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