Scale & Maximum Return

Long term growth comes from building and implementing the right customer strategy, deploying resources for the biggest return, and effective management.

It’s time!

A scaleable, replicatable and duplicatable system for long term profitable revenue growth.

Customer Strategy

How do we get more of the right target audience to buy from you?

Maximise Resources

Deploying the right people and money to produce maximum revenue.

Great Management

First rate management of your sales and marketing channels is vital.


If you know something is working and you have the data to back it up, you can do more of it! Having visibility around your data, combined with the process of continually assessing what’s working and what’s not (with the current resources available), will ultimately improve your business outcomes.

Using this process will allow a business to make decisions around what to start, stop and do more of, and to refine the customer strategy that’s right for your business. This will essentially enable you to maximise your resources and reduce your outgoing costs.

22,000 new small business clients

Engagement: Jul ’04 – April ’15

New business customers

Database of leads

Staff in Australia

“I love working with Ben and his team. They are a no-nonsense, ‘get it done’, company. If you want to grow your business, I’d chose Due North (formerly Merchantlink) any day of the week.”

  • Strategy
  • Customer Experience and Journey development
  • Sales Process and Systems
  • Search management (SEM and SEO)
  • CRM design and development
  • Complete channel management
  • Sales methodology, coaching and induction
  • Sales Execution (inbound and outbound)

Want to grow your business?


“Starting from scratch, we built a national chain of 26 retail stores under the G-Star brand. What an adventure it was employing over 250 staff at our peak.”

Nick Hirons

G-Star Concept Stores

“Due North has boosted our traffic and doubled our through the door customers in only 6 months of work! Highly recommended!”

Ben Perry

Mr Cool

“Our business has used Due North for over 2 years now for our digital marketing and CRM/sales support and it’s been fantastic. Forget a large agency, get personalised service.”

Peter Thomas


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