Business Optimisations for Better Outcomes

The Process of getting better, and better and better and better



If you want your business to grow in size and revenue, then you need to be continually optimising everything you do.  Optimisation is the process of continually striving for little refinements and improvements that together make a big difference. It involves three key stages:

  • Capturing and analysing all the right sales and marketing data
  • Refining your sales marketing processes to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not
  • Identifying automation opportunities to create efficiencies to give you greater profit for less cost

Whilst undertaking effective optimisations will see you reap the rewards over time, it’s important to note that optimisations are not about big gains, but rather many small gains across your marketing and sales activity that quickly add up to significant growth over time. 1% here, 2% there, 4% over there… and pretty soon you’re up to 20-30% growth in revenue! What’s not to love?!

The Journey

We’ve narrowed down the formula for business success. It’s all about:



We’ll help plan your journey so you’re on the right track to deliver the right results for your business.


Business Intelligence

We’ll navigate the path with the right tracking, measurement, analysis and strategy.



With small steps brings big rewards. We’ll optimise and improve results, generate more profit for lower costs, and bring you rapid growth and business success.


The process of optimisation requires clear rules and requirements about where your business is going and how you plan to get there. This comes from your strategy, which should spell out what you are trying to achieve, the targets and KPIs we are working towards, and will be the way in which we will tell if we are on track or not.

Business Intelligence

With the right reporting framework in place, you’ll have access to incredibly valuable information about how your sales and marketing efforts are performing. This will allow you to make decisions about what to change, what to continue and basically where your biggest ROI is. It will also help you identify blockages, issues or speed humps in the customer journey, fix them quickly and become more efficient!

Establishing a Business Intelligence tracking and reporting framework will help you ask questions that you considered unanswerable until now, such as:

  • How much revenue was generated from a $1,245 marketing campaign investment?
  • Why did 52 enquiries from an Google Ads campaign only convert into 5 sales?
  • Why is our Google ranking not as high as our competitors?
  • Why Jim only did 4 sales yesterday, whilst Mary did 10… what is impacting Jim’s performance?
  • Which of our marketing efforts are generating revenue and which are producing junk leads and wasting our time?

Once you get meaningful answers to these types of questions and harness the logic of what your data is telling you, you begin to see opportunities. Opportunities to make changes guided by definite knowledge, not by incomplete information, guesswork or hunches.


Let’s get better and better and better and better. We can’t say it enough! If you are performing marketing optimisations, you will get better and you will achieve:

Better Marketing:

The key to marketing optimisation is testing, testing, testing. Start by looking at what aspects of your marketing is generating leads or foot traffic and what activities are converting traffic to sales. Then start testing some of your initiatives, starting with:

  • Advertising channels: Google Ads optimisation (keywords, bids, ad content) to maximise ROI – more leads for less investment
  • Website: Landing pages (design, style, content), call to action message and call to action ‘button’ (try playing around with colour, size, position), and content (volume, tone and relevancy).
  • Email campaigns: Try segmenting your database to tailor your emails to different audiences based on demographics but also interests and behaviour, as well as testing various subject headlines (which impact email open rates) and call to actions.
  • SEO: In addition to being technically SEO ready, look for opportunities to test different content pieces

More Effective Sales:

The key to sales is visibility around your sales reps – being able to see tangible output from all activity including relationships and engagement with prospects and customers. With the right tracking and reporting, you’ll be able to improve how you operate by better managing your pipelines, the effectiveness of each sales rep at each stage of the process, the volume of sales and engagement activity of each sales rep, and measure the effectiveness of your lead nurture strategies.

Better long-term relationships:

Your data will allow you to analyse your customer database and identify opportunities to build better long-term relationships with customers. It will enable you to see who your top 10% customers are that buy repeatedly from you versus those that only buy once. You can segment your audiences based on their buying behaviours and develop marketing strategies for each target group based on their preferences, to give you better engagement and conversions.

Better efficiencies:

It’s not uncommon to find small businesses focusing on each day as it comes, let alone having time to focus on what’s ahead and carving a better more efficient path to get there. They find themselves going out of their way to work around the system, instead of changing the systems to work around the information they need, and are regularly guilty of:

  • Using Excel spreadsheets for all your reporting and decision making,
  • Questioning the information being spat out of your systems,
  • Regularly re-entering data into several systems,
  • Spending time reconciling data from different sources, and
  • Wasting time and expertise generating reports

Better Systems:

As part of your optimisation process, you want to always be looking at ways to make your life easier, even if that means a bit of pain whilst you learn and adapt to a new system or a new way of doing things. Trust us, it will be worth it! A CRM that can be integrated with your marketing assets (Google Ads and GA, inbound phone tracking, core website data including leads and keywords), can transform your business life by managing your leads and allowing you to analyse your prospects, which allows you to better market and lead nurture!

Better Outcomes Overall:

Ultimately the aim is to get better results without spending more marketing dollars!

Doubled sales in 6 months

Engagement: Sep '15 - Ongoing


Growth Inbound Sales


Growth in Enquiries


Growth in website visitors

“Our business has used Due North for over 2 years now for our digital marketing and CRM/sales support and it’s been fantastic. Forget a large agency, get personalised service and clear plain English about how to improve your digital marketing and sales methodology.”

  • Strategy
  • Customer Experience and Journey development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Search management (SEM and SEO)
  • Content and graphic design
  • Sales methodology, coaching and induction

The Power of Compound Interest

Albert Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

We apply this rule to the sales and marketing outcomes for our clients that produces compound returns:

  • More potential clients to find out about your business
  • Better conversions at every touchpoint
  • Longer customer relationships
  • More repeat customers

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