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Search is today’s most important marketing activity!

Google has become the default advertising medium today with over 4 billion searches per day. So if you’re not maximising the search opportunities this presents, your competitors will be. With this in mind, just how can you ensure that your business is found by the people you want to find it? And how do you ensure that when people are searching for your products or services, that they find yours and not competitors?

There are two main approaches to search that you need to know about:

Despite their differences, the two approaches work hand in hand to maximise your online presence and attract more potential customers, so your digital marketing strategy should always be considering including both in some shape or form.

The Journey

Like any successful journey, it needs a well thought out plan. This is particularly true for any successful search strategy as it can be a deceivingly tricky game to get right, especially if you’re not overly ‘techy’ or familiar with the plethora of information, rules and algorithms spawned by Google. When executed correctly however, a search strategy can catapult your business leads, literally overnight.



We’ll help plan your journey so you’re on the right track to deliver the right results for your business.


Business Intelligence

We’ll navigate the path with the right tracking, measurement, analysis and strategy.



With small steps brings big rewards. We’ll optimise and improve results, generate more profit for lower costs, and bring you rapid growth and business success.

Search Strategy

In order to develop the right search strategy for your business, we will help you define:

  • Customer journeys and personas: Who your target audience is
  • In-depth keyword research: To clearly show what your target audience is searching for
  • Search Strategy: A plan for how we will use paid and organic rankings to drive outcomes
  • Value Proposition: A clear competitive advantage that you can win clients over competitors
  • Website Audit & Recommendations: A great website that converts well
  • Targets and objectives: To form the basis of everything outlined above.

Keyword research is going to form the foundation of all your search marketing – and even your broader marketing efforts, so it’s really important to get it right from the start. It’s a time intensive exercise (we estimate a minimum of 10-20 hours to do it correctly) but also a critical step in identifying exactly what your target audience is searching for. It is also used to organise common search query themes into categories and groups, and identify any gaps in content and messaging in any current marketing including your website.

Business Intelligence

Establishing the right business intelligence for your search activity is essential in tracking, analysing and improving performance. It allows us to report on:

  • How many new potential customers found out about your business
  • How many became leads, joined database, purchased
  • How much revenue was generated by which activity, ad and lead
  • The current conversion rate benchmark (and establishing the targets)

Google Ads

Once we are clear on what outcomes you want and what tracking you need in place to measure those outcomes, we can then begin the process of building an Google Ads campaign that is best suited to your business.

  1. Campaign structure and refinement: This involves using the keyword research to develop the optimal campaign structure to reach your objectives.
  2. Campaign build, review and refinement: The campaign is built with keywords categorised into relevant ad groups and themes. The ads themselves are drafted, which should promote the unique selling points of your product or service, and ideally reveal a taste of your brand personality.
  3. Campaign launched and live: Once loaded into Google Ads and launched live we closely monitor the performance and adjust keyword bids according to maximise performance in line with the budget.


If you have a website, it’s likely that it’s leaving some form of digital footprint regardless of whether you have actively pursued any SEO optimisation activity. In order to develop an SEO strategy, we first must understand what SEO groundwork has been established and what needs to be fulfilled.  We do this by conducting a thorough SEO audit to determine the current status of your website and overall online presence, including:

  1. Best Practice Technical SEO
  • How well can the search engines find and index your website?
  • How well can the search engines find and index each individual page?
  • How well search engines (and visitors) can navigate your website?
  1. Your Website
  • How relevant and engaging (and SEO optimised) is the content on your website? Using keyword research analysis we develop content recommendations (including content gap analysis) built around what your target audience wants/is searching for.
  • How good is your website overall? Part of good SEO is ensuring you have a great website.  There is no point driving traffic to your website if it’s not user friendly, engaging and what your target audience wants/needs.
  1. Overall Digital Presence
  • How many good/bad backlinks do you have pointing to your website? We want to add the good and remove the bad.
  • What are customers and potential customers rating and saying about you online in customer reviews?
  • How prominent is your social media presence and how engaged is your audience?


Google Ads alone can have a significant impact on your sales and revenue, but it can be an expensive exercise and a waste of time if it is not managed correctly. We know from experience that the most important aspect of managing an Google Ads campaign is to manage it by outcomes – and that’s where we can help.  Our focus is to optimise Google Ads campaigns to get better outcomes for a cheaper cost – it’s that simple.

Google Ads

Defining the optimisation and improvement process is one of the most important aspects of managing an Google Ads campaign. It’s the process of achieving improvement in outcomes, results and ROI – day on day, week on week and month on month.  The core components include ad targeting (keywords, geographic location, device, time of day), ad copy (continually refine and test what is going to work best with target audience), and your landing pages (dedicated pages created to specifically with the ad in mind that has relevant content, and highlights clearly your core offering, key messages and call to action).

Whilst there are many more detailed aspects of optimising your campaigns, ultimately we are focused on strategies that:

  • Optimise the number of potential clients that find your business online
  • Optimise how well they engage with your website
  • Optimise the conversions and outcomes for your business

SEO – Overall web presence

SEO is not just about search engines, it’s about maximising your overall web presence.  We do this by ensuring your business website is featured on all the main directories and industry sites.  We also help you with a social media strategy to create social proof via relevant channels (for example Facebook, Pinterest etc).

Keyword Research:

Whilst keyword research is an integral part of your campaign planning, it is also used to optimised results down the track.  We use keyword research to determine if the current keywords are still relevant and add/delete as necessary, and also to determine your keyword rankings against your competitors. We do this to determine what keywords you are ranking well for, and where your competitors are outranking you. This allows us to perform content gap analysis in order to prepare a content plan that will make your website more competitive and perform better against your competitors.

When you know you need to review your search strategy:

We’ve never found somebody that we can’t do better for. If you ever find yourself thinking any of the following, we should chat!

  • I’m sure we could be getting better results
  • I’ve set up Google Ads but I don’t know if it’s working or how to improve it
  • We’re spending a lot on Google Ads but I can’t measure the outcomes
  • We get visitors to our site but they aren’t converting
  • We aren’t attracting enough visitors to our website, and our website seems to be lost in the depths of the world wide web!
  • We’ve just built a new website and it looks really good but when I type our company name or one of our main services into Google our website is not ranking

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