The Customer is King

Customer Strategy that drives Business Growth


Customer Strategy comes down to 4 core components

If you want to grow your business, developing an intimate knowledge of your potential customers is one of the best things you can do.

Target Market

Razor sharp understanding of who you are selling to.


Stay on message with personas that bring your target audience to life.

Value Proposition

The statement of what unique offering you have and why we should care.

Customer Journey

Identify opportunities by mapping out the customer journey.

So what is a customer strategy?

Now more than ever, we live in a buyer’s world. Everything is available to consumers online 24/7 and they want it their way – tailored, flexible, now.

That’s why it’s become increasingly important for companies to live and breathe their customer strategy and value proposition to guarantee their brand values are brought to life in everything they do.

Your customer strategy is basically a way to define who you are selling what to. It is the most important question a small business owner can continually ask and strive to get better and better at. Your customer strategy should pull everything together on your product or service and be clear on who you think will buy it and why. It should also form the basis of your sales and marketing strategy by putting the customer first in everything you do.

What We Do

We work with businesses to help define their customer strategy – and in doing this we have produced BIG results. By developing, refining and implementing a strategy tailored to your business we can help you increase your customer base and develop stronger relationships with current customers.

Our focus is on helping you define your value proposition and target market, creating personas and detailing the customer journey. We help you get inside your ideal customers head and really understand what solution you are providing them with, and create a clear message at every point of contact in your business. We will develop and implement your strategy to ensure a path of purchase for your customers and ultimately, increased revenue for your business.

Target Market

Know who are you selling to.


Your ideal customer imagined.

Value Proposition

This makes you stand out in the crowd.

Customer Journey

Follow them each step of the way.

So, you want to grow your business?

If your business has a reasonable customer base and you can rattle off a broad description of who they are and why they use your product/services, but you know you could be doing better if you could just find more of your ideal customer, we should talk.

We work with businesses to paint a holistic picture of your business, your product offering and your ideal customer base. We work with you to unravel the core business offering that defines your value proposition (what you are selling and why your customers want/need it), build your customer profile and target audience, and map out the customer journey so that you can improve on their experience each step of the way.

A few questions to consider:

  • Is your value proposition a statement that is written, available and a reference point for you and your staff?
  • Do you have research to qualify your ideal customer base or do you operate on a hunch?
  • Do you know what the customer entry and exit points are in the customer sales journey?
  • Are you specifically targeting your target market by interests, hobbies or behaviour in your advertising?
  • Do you know who your competitors are targeting?
  • Do you have an ideal customer in mind that you would like to see more and more of?

“Starting from scratch, we built a national chain of 26 retail stores under the G-Star brand. What an adventure it was employing over 250 staff at our peak.”

Nick Hirons

G-Star Concept Stores

“I would recommend Due North any day. Their professional service, friendly interaction and results have made sure our domestic market keep on coming through the door.”

Hugo Strauss

Tinamba Turf

“Due North has boosted our traffic and doubled our through the door customers in only 6 months of work! Highly recommended!”

Ben Perry

Mr Cool

“Our business has used Due North for over 2 years now for our digital marketing and CRM/sales support and it’s been fantastic. Forget a large agency, get personalised service.”

Peter Thomas


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