Your Road Map to Business Growth

Strategy is the plan that details where you’re at today, where you want to be in 6-12 months, and the best path to get you there in the cheapest, quickest & easiest route, without skimping on quality. Once we’ve got some great runs on the board and we’ve got the right management in place, then we can turn our attention to how to actually grow your business longer term with the right strategy.

Our Road Map will help you establish the path to revenue growth with a thorough audit of your current strategy and sales & marketing assets, and provide recommendations on short and long-term growth. We start by ensuring we have the right tracking, measurement, reporting and analysis in place across both marketing and sales so that we have the right information with which to make decisions:

  • Where are we today: Audit and analysis of what’s working well, what’s not working and what the quick wins are
  • Where are we heading: Targets, objectives and direction?
  • Who: Who are the 4-6-24 target audiences and how do we get to know them better?
  • Value: What is the value proposition you generate, how well is it communicated and how do we provide more and more value?
  • Customer Journey: How are we going to communicate with each target audience at every possible touchpoint that we have with them, and how do we add value at each point?
  • Prioritisation and resources: How are we going to get the quickest biggest bang for our buck?
  • Plan of attack: Tactical plan for the next 3-6 months to get there

1. Review of current strategy and business objectives

Before we can embark on any sales and marketing framework for growth, we need to assess our customer strategy, which involves developing an intimate knowledge of your potential customers.

“Who are we selling what to?! And how are we going to do it??”

We will review your current strategy and plans, taking into account:

  • Business Goals and Objectives: Business goals and objectives are the foundation for your overall sales and marketing strategy
  • Branding: How well you differentiate yourself in the marketplace
  • Target Market: How well you understand who you are selling to
  • Personas: How well you stay on message with personas that bring your target audience to life
  • Value Proposition: How well defined and compelling your unique offering is and how well it is communicated to your audience
  • Customer Journey: How well you have mapped out the customer journey for each of your target audiences.

Your customer strategy is basically a way to define who you are selling what to. It is the most important question a small business owner can continually ask and strive to get better and better at. Your customer strategy should pull everything together on your product or service and be clear on who you think will buy it and why. It should also form the basis of your sales and marketing strategy by putting the customer first in everything you do.

2. Management: data, tracking, reporting, optimisations & insights

First and foremost is to ensure we have the right management in place for your marketing channels. And the first port of call is to make sure that we have the right tracking in place to record accurate data from all areas of the business, and thus we can start to produce the reports we need to see what is working and isn’t working in your marketing, sales, customer service etc.

Questions that we’ll explore with you:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • When do you need to achieve it by?
  • What are the key steps required to achieve this?

By establishing the right management framework, we’ll be able to determine:

  • What’s working well
  • Where things are not working or breaking down
  • What’s missing from your marketing and sales that you should have?

We’ll gather and analyse all your business analytics, predominately using Google Analytics, but also taking into account data tracking across some/all of the following platforms (depending on the nature of your business):

  • Digital Marketing: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Social, Email
  • Offline Marketing: Materials, Inbound phone tracking
  • Sales and Service: CRM and POS, Sales data, Individual data, Business unit data, Pipeline management data, Conversion rates, Customer contact (foot traffic, inbound enquiries)
  • Financial: Revenue, Costs, Transactions

3. Audit, analysis and recommendations of current revenue generation

This is where the real value and insights are revealed with a thorough audit into each of your key sales and marketing channels. We’ll review: 

Marketing (campaigns, assets): 

  • SEO/search: How we use search engines to drive awareness
  • Website user experience, site engagement: How well your website attracts and converts
  • Content: The fuel that powers all your digital activity
  • Social media: Spending time where your audience is hanging out 

Sales (staff, processes): 

Providing a better customer experience with service and sales superstars: 

  • Customer service
  • Reception
  • Reservations

Repeat Clients and Customer:

Determining the lifetime value of a customer and identifying strategies to increase this over time with long-term relationships and repeat business. 

  • Loyalty Programs: How well you use loyalty programs to build repeat customers and longer-term customers
  • Email strategy: How well you use email marketing to lead nurture, generate more conversions and build a lasting relationship with clients

4. Tactical Plan to achieve (high priorities), next 90 days

We’ll develop a plan for the next 3-4 months which focuses on getting in, getting dirty, grabbing the low-lying fruit and getting some good results on the board. This is all about creating a strategy plan of attack with a project plan that will move you from your current reality to achieving your targets. Basic metrics will include:

  • Prioritisation of tasks
  • Who will do what
  • When it will be done by
  • Expected outcomes to track and measure against

5. 12 month high level plan to go from whoo to whoooaa!

We’ll also work with you to develop a strategy for the next 12 months. We’ll show you how you can increase leads and revenue with lower costs, improve how you operate and whatever resources you don’t have but need, we can provide them.

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