Make the plan work with short term growth

If you’re serious about wanting to grow your business with better results month on month, you’ll need an excellent optimisation process. It’s the way in which you achieve better results for the same (or less) investment and effort – in other words, get more bang for your buck.

The beauty of today’s digital age is that it allows you to trial and test everything that you do. With the right optimisation strategy, these small incremental changes will lead to big gains over time. The trick is to continually review what you’re doing; then do more of what’s working and stop what’s not.

The optimisation framework that we’ve developed manages marketing activity by outcomes. It involves strict optimisations that reveal information about how your marketing is really performing. In doing so, we want to continually tweak each component with the overall aim of attracting more of the right customers, increase the conversation rate, the size of the transaction, and the number of repeat transactions.

The optimisation strategy we work to:

  • Optimisation Framework: This is about collecting and analysing data to help us make informed decisions that can significantly improve how you operate and what outcomes you generate. Our process is to establish the right tracking and reporting and then analysis of data to determine the current and target metrics that we want to be working towards.
  • Marketing Performance: We will continually review your campaigns and assets to see what is driving good outcomes, what isn’t, doing more of the good and stopping the bad. This is about testing and refining aspects across all your marketing channels; advertising, website landing pages, core selling messages, calls to action, general content, lead nurture emails and lead distribution.
  • Sales Performance: We will help guide your sales process and coach where necessary to turn your sales team into sales superstars. This is about assessing individuals and team activity and outcomes and using data to provide answers as to why one individual or team is performing better than others.
  • Marketing Automation: Identifying automation opportunities is the next step to a successful optimisation strategy. This could include software that can be used to automate your lead nurturing, as well as software that allows sales tasks to be automated, that will save your team time and make it easier for them to get on with their primary task of selling!
  • Repeat Business: Maximising your relationship with your current customers is a no brainer. We’ll help you identify what strategies will work best for your business and help you maximise your current relationships. This could include social and email campaigns, as well as loyalty or reward programs.

Getting started:

  • Data Tracking & Reporting: We’ll start with an analysis of complete business intelligence output to determine what’s working well, what’s not working so well, and what we need to stop doing.
  • Recommendations: We’ll provide recommendations and requirements for improvement including execution needs, prioritisation of tasks and resources required (the what, the who and the when).
  • Review & Report: Finally, we’ll review – did it work, did it not, what do we need to do?

In any sales and marketing plan there are always opportunities to improve, and ways in which you can test what message, design, tactic is going to best connect with your target audience. It’s our job to guide you on the right journey to a better way of doing things, so that your results keep getting better and better and better and better!

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“I love working with Due North. They are a no nonsense, ‘get it done’, company. If you want to grow your business, I’d chose Due North.”

Mark Pearce

Commonwealth Bank

“Due North has been able to implement initiatives that have had a direct impact on our annual targets.”

Ben Waterman

Seda College & Seda Group

“Starting from scratch, we built a national chain of 26 retail stores under the G-Star brand. What an adventure it was employing over 250 staff at our peak.”

Nick Hirons

G-Star Concept Stores

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