All the tools and resources you need to execute your strategy

At Due North, our specialty is small business growth.  Having all successfully grown our own businesses, we bring people with the right skills to help you execute your sales and marketing strategy.

When you partner with Due North, we will work with you in the way that best suits your business needs.  We will work with your team to execute your plan, and where necessary, provide the missing resources to get the job done.


Benefits of working with Due North

  • Expert team. Broad range of professionals from diverse sales and marketing backgrounds with years of experience. Whatever your problem or need, we’ve got someone who can help.
  • Quicker results. We’ll save you time by actioning tasks in half the time.
  • Cost versus value. You’ll not only save yourself a bunch of time, but the increased revenue you’ll get in return will far outweigh any reservations about the invested cost.

Why work with Due North?

  • We get sh*t done! With direct access to the people performing the tasks, agreed timeframes and quick turnaround times, we don’t mess about.
  • We know our stuff. We’ve successfully been running our own businesses for over 15 years – more times than not, learning the hard way from our mistakes. That’s why we know from experience what works in sales and marketing to get your business revenue pumping.

Our areas of expertise:

Customer Strategy

Who you are selling what to?!

  • Customer Strategy: we help you map out your strategy to find you more customers and a better customer experience. We help you implement strategies to engage with potential customers, build rapport and ultimately build long lasting relationships with repeat business.
  • Value proposition: We help you define your value proposition to differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Target Market: We help you segment your target market and develop tailored strategies that communicate to each of these segments in the way the consumer wants to be communicated with.
  • Journeys: understand what motivates your customers to better craft and deliver more effective marketing and communications efforts

Digital Marketing

The backbone to any sales & marketing strategy!

  • Search: Make sure your target audience finds you before your competitors with both paid and organic search campaigns.
  • Social: Is a core tool for finding your potential clients, engaging with them and building lasting relationships.
  • EDM: We help you generate and retain leads and maximise repeat sales by developing an EDM strategy that goes straight to your target audiences’ inbox.
  • Website: We help you improve your website to create a wow factor, and help create a smooth customer journey that ultimately leads to more conversions.


A framework to help you do your job better!

  • Reporting: we help you establish a business intelligence framework, tracking systems and reporting on data to integrate analytics into your business.
  • Optimisation: we help you create a process to collect, analyse data and refine marketing processes, identify automation opportunities to improve and optimise outcomes.
  • Scale: Use data to determine what’s working and what’s not. We help you use this process to continually assess, refine and allocate with resources available.
  • Management: We can help oversee the functioning of your sales and marketing channel, pull it all together and refine strategy, implement plans and oversee staff.


Improved sales process and people!

  • Sales Process: We help create a sales process from start to finish which helps you detail what you need to do to increase conversion rates and to create an excellent customer experience each step of the way.
  • Customer engagement: We help you create experiences that build satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.
  • Systems: We help you determine what software you need to manage, track, automate and execute your sales strategy.
  • People: We help recruit, train and induct sales staff as well as provide ongoing coaching to turn your sales staff into sales superstars.

Want to grow your business?


"Working with Ben and the Team at Due North have been excellent! They’ve provided exactly what we needed, when we needed it and got us to the next level. Highly Recommended!"

N&C Hirons

Hungry Bear Pizza Bar

"Due North and Ben were able to assist us in simplifying our value proposition as well as helping us to clearly identify the value we provide clients. This has allowed us to re-position what we do and focus our energies on the valued added tasks."

Chris Collard


“I set Due North a target of growing my business by 25% within 6-12 months. They delivered in just 4! Their professionalism, communication and results have been excellent.”

Guy Wilson

Fort Knox Self Storage

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