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The Pillars to Revenue Growth
How to Grow Your Business with Due North

With over 30 years’ experience in running our own businesses, we’ve learnt a thing or two about growing business. Based on experience, we know what formula works for small to medium-sized businesses to gain more customers, build better customer experiences and longer customer relationships giving you more revenue and business growth.

Our formula for business growth is based on nailing these five steps:

1. Business Intelligence

Know exactly where you are right now and use this information to make the right decisions.

2. Strategy

Develop the road map to know where you are headed!

3. Execution

Get the right tools, resources and people to get it done

4. Optimisation

How we get better, and better, and better

5. Management

Scale your business with the right management systems and processes

Step 1. Business Intelligence

  • What’s working well?
  • Where are things not working or breaking down?
  • What’s missing from your marketing and sales that you should have?

From these initial questions, we gather information and data, analytics to create a picture of where your business stands right now. Gathering and analysing all your business analytics is essential and is the foundation for good decision-making.

Step 2. Strategy

Informed by the analytics, together we set clear business objectives with marketing and sales targets. Questions to explore are:

  • Who is your target audience, how are we going to find more of them and why are they going to choose you over your competitors?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • When do you need to achieve it by?
  • What are the key steps required to achieve this?
  • Plan of attack for tactical execution

We will then pull this together to form your Road Map to Business Growth, detailing in depth:

  • Where are we today: audit and analysis of what’s working well, what’s not working and what the quick wins are
  • Where are we heading: Targets, objectives and direction?
  • Prioritisation and resources: How are we going to get the quickest biggest bang for our buck
  • Tactical plan of attack: Project plan for the next 3-6 months

Step 3. Execution

Time to get shit done! We’ll need to assess what resources you have currently and what we’ll need to build; what skills you have already and what we can bring to your business. If necessary, we’ll help you implement processes and systems, organise software and materials. We’ll do this inventory together and whatever resources you don’t have, we can provide them.

Step 4. Optimisation

The process of how we get better, and better, and better. By getting a 1% increase here, 2% there, 4% over yonder, it continually adds up really quickly. As we execute marketing campaigns and sales effectiveness we need to continually monitor what’s working well and what we need to do better:

  • Analysis of information from the business intelligence framework
    • Do more of what’s working well
    • Let’s fix what’s not working well
    • Stop doing things that aren’t providing a sufficient return
  • Expected outcomes to track and measure against

Step 5. Management

Ongoing management of your strategic plan requires careful project management.  This starts at the ‘on-boarding process’ right through to weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual plans depending on the nature and size of your business, and how you prefer to work. Considerations include:

  • Frequency of meetings with who, what and when
  • Quarterly progress review and where to from here
  • Annual review, audit, results and future strategy

Want to grow your business?


“I can’t recommend Due North enough. We are continually impressed with the service we receive and the outcomes we see month on month.”

Lachlan Stevens

Attune Hearing

“Very efficient, great service and they are genuinely interested in growing the revenue of my business! And the results we’ve received have been excellent.”

Toby Cumpstay

Simply for Strings

“Due North are proving to drive our small business better than we ever hoped! Their online strategies and reporting have been a huge weight off our shoulders.”

Sam Cain

The Furniture Trader

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