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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the way in which you increase the volume of organic traffic to your website (that is, traffic that you don’t have to pay for). This includes direct links to various pages on your website that may rank in a search engine such as Google, but also includes links from other websites that are also ranking for the search terms. SEO is not just about search engines, it’s about maximising your overall web presence through the help and guidance of the best SEO Agency in Brisbane. 

There are three important aspects of SEO:

Due North

The Journey

We have over 17 years experience successfully growing our own businesses, so we’ve narrowed down the formula for business success. It’s all about:

Strategy & Analytics

We’ll help plan your journey with the right tracking, measurement, analysis and strategy.


We’ll navigate the path forward with optimisations and key improvements.


We’ll help you scale your Everest by generating more profit with lower costs, bringing you rapid growth and business success.

Strategy & Analytics

Like any journey, you need a comprehensive plan on how you’re going to get to your destination.  This includes using Business Intelligence data and analysis, to determine where your business is at, what gaps need to be filled, and the best strategy for your business to help you reach your goals.

When it comes to SEO, our SEO Audit is a thorough review of your current technical SEO setup and how your website is currently performing. It provides clear insights into improvements that can be implemented for better results, and covers the following important aspects of SEO:

How well can the search engines find and index your website?

How search engines index your website is the process of downloading a site or a page’s content to the server of the search engine, thereby adding it to its “index”. In order for the search engines to be able to do this, your website needs to be set up accordingly:

How well can the search engines find and index each individual page?

This is how you tell a search engine what content is on each page so they can index it correctly and show it in relevant search queries.  It includes things like ensuring title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags are all updated in the backend of your website.  These are the headings and descriptions that will appear in a google search to provide a brief insight into what content is on that particular web page.

How well can search engines (and visitors) navigate your site?

The navigation structure on your website is important as it provides internal links to every page and points search engines to the most important pages (so search engines can read navigation drop down links), which also allows all pages to be indexed.  Key aspects that need reviewing are:

How well does your website translate to mobile?

With over 40% of Australian internet use being via a mobile phone, it is imperative to maintain a competitive advantage that businesses have a mobile responsive website. This should take into account:


Implementing the SEO improvements outlined in the SEO Audit will mean your website is on track for better optimisations, however that alone is not enough to get the traction your website needs. It’s important to continually optimise the visibility of your website across a multitude of platforms, which will drastically improve not only your rankings but the traffic to your website. Some of the SEO strategies we recommend include:

Building Trust and Authority

External links to your website is an excellent way to not only drive traffic to your website, they help you rank better. They tell Google you’re an authority on a certain subject so the more good quality links you can get the better. Here’s some of the ways in which we will help you do it:

Content Creation

In order to achieve the above, you are more than likely going to need to start here – developing rich, relevant, engaging and current content.  It’s all about what your target audience are searching for and you will know this from your keyword research. By continually developing new and interesting content you can use it to refresh and update your website and reach out to other websites, too.

A Great Website

It may seem obvious but having a great website is paramount.  And not just a good-looking website, but one that is optimised for SEO.  At a minimum, it should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, display clear unique selling points and call to action, have a simple user journey, be mobile responsive, be full of super relevant and helpful content and have a strong message coming through on your About Us page to really connect with your audience.  It should also be working for you by collecting leads – this is really important as it will help you develop a database of ‘qualified leads’ that you can market back to as part of your email strategy.


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