Significant Growth in Retail Sales


Increase Foot Traffic

The main objective is to ensure that more and more people come through your doors!


Better Staff

Increasing ability of staff to sell more and upsell is vital in today’s hyper-competitive retail landscape.


More Repeat Customers

Build a great long term relationship that nurtures repeat purchases regularly.

Proof that it works

From 0 to 26 stores and over 250 staff!

Denim Enterprises recognised the growing popularity of international denim designer brand G-Star RAW early on, and secured the rights to sell and distribute their high-end fashion products in the Australian market in 2002. After opening their flagship Melbourne store in 2003 they drove significant business growth using internally developed Marketing and Sales Infrastructure.

“Starting from scratch, we built a national chain of 26 retail stores under the G-Star brand. What an adventure it was employing over 250 staff at our peak!”

Nick Hirons | Owner | G-STAR Concept Stores

Outcome 1:
Drive foot traffic

Growing the amount of people coming through your doors is half the battle. Using a host of marketing avenues, we want to make sure that we are getting seasonal growth year on year.

Using a combination of digital and traditional direct marketing, we want to entice the right people to come calling. This also has to include how attractive your store is on the eye (both from the outside and inside).

Outcome 2:
Better Engagement Drives Sales

Engagement is vital in driving more retail sales. Getting both your website and your internal staff to engage and sell better will see significant wins in revenue growth.

A Great Website

That drives foot traffic into store as well as sells products online at high margins.

Superstar Staff

Transforming front line staff from order takers to superstars of revenue with increased conversion rates and upsell opportunities.

WOW Factor

A great customer experience overall at each and every touchpoint.


More Customers


+ Better Converting Process


+ More Repeat Sales


= Revenue Growth

Know where you're going?

“Due North are proving to drive our small business better than we ever hoped! Their online strategies and reporting have been a huge weight off our shoulders.”

Sam Cain

The Furniture Trader

“Very efficient, great service and they are genuinely interested in growing the revenue of my business! And the results we’ve received have been excellent.”

Toby Cumpstay

Simply for Strings

“I would recommend Due North any day. Their professional service, friendly interaction and results have made sure our domestic market keep on coming through the door.”

Hugo Strauss

Tinamba Turf