I want to start a movement!

by | 16 Jul 2019

This is something I’m really passionate about, and when done wrong it irks me to tears. And yet so many businesses (and people) fall into this trap.

So please, if you agree, come and join the movement (not sure what that all means yet, but we’ll figure it out as we go)… and no, this is not a cult (although I believe there is a lot of money to be made in those too, but more about that later).

So here it goes… I believe…

It should be called Marketing Digitally and not Digital Marketing!

And to be honest with you, I am sick and tired of it being called digital marketing. Too many people are taking this literally!

It actually should be called marketing digitally because that is what you are doing! You are marketing your products or services through the RIGHT digital channels.

You are not “digital marketing”! This would mean that digital comes first and that marketing comes second! That’s why you get comments from unknowledgeable people like:

  • “You have to be on facebook!”
  • “Why aren’t you on instagram”
  • “LinkedIn is the way to go!”

Too many people are pushing their own agenda and not yours! Or working to a template model that may not be the right strategy for you. It’s time to rise up people and do great Marketing…. Digitally!

Guess what?

You don’t have to be on Facebook, Instagram or linkedIn! You have to be on the right channels!

What are the right channels?

Fish where the fish are is the saying. The right marketing strategy tells you where your fish are and how to connect and engage with them. Ultimately how to impress their socks off! 

But you have to get it right!

There are so many businesses on facebook, and yet so few are doing it right! There is so much wasted time, resources, energy and effort going into mediocre results. Getting it right means you are clearly executing your value proposition on the right channels for your business.

That’s right – everything you communicate needs to add value to me in line with your brand strategy.

i.e You are living, eating and breathing your Value Proposition!

So come join me! Let’s start the movement!

PS there is a very funny book called “Join Me” from about 15-20 years ago, you should read it. It’s about a guy that starts a “movement’ that has no purpose whatsoever. It’s a good read.

PPS If you want to see how we are doing it right, and learn how you can too then click below.

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