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How do I improve our SEO results?

So, you are saying you want better SEO results because they are currently substandard or poor, depending on how you want to view the world, right?

Whilst there are some technicalities to SEO, there are actually only four core reasons why you have been getting bad SEO results.

One; your website is crap! … pardon my French!

Google doesn’t like it, can’t find it, can’t index the information in it. Just a poor website.

Two; the links to your site, or the ‘backlinks’, whatever they call them, are non-existent or crap. Meaning it’s just sending signs to Google that you are not a real business, you are no legitimate…building one from a Romanian bakery…. not a good idea!

Three; you have poor engagement meaning your website does not engage well.

You are doing nothing on social. You are getting bad reviews. You are not maintaining your brand or presence.

You are not engaging well with your clients and google picks that up; the online world is a mimic of the real world in this day and age.

Four; you are running a poor business. Or mediocre business which is demonstrated through all of these. Your website is average, you don’t have the right engagement online, your links are crap.

So, in SEO, Google’s job is to evaluate the real world. It’s to say ‘yes, this is a great legitimate business’, or, ‘no it’s not.’

It’s your choice as a business to get better or not do anything to improve it!

The foundation of all great SEO is to get the foundations right and run a great business, that’s all you need to do.

Should I look to have someone do SEO for me on a monthly retainer?

For our two cents worth, absolute crap! Paying someone every month or every year to effectively do a little of this, with a little bit of that is a waste of money.

There are some foundational things you need to get right, which generally takes about three months.

  1. That your website is nice.
  2. Google can crawl it, find it and index all the information.
  3. We want to get in all the main directors, so true local, and yellow pages… yes, unfortunately, you still need to be on yellow. And they are all set up nicely.
  4. You are engaging with customers online.
  5. And most important long term, is to run a great business. Go and win some awards, sponsor the local footy club, be part of the community.

That’s running a great business and that’s where you will get amazing results.

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