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Transform your business with more leads and better ROI.


Expert Google Ads Management

Paid search is one of the quickest ways to start attracting quality, high intent traffic to your website.

Google has become the default advertising medium today with over 4 billion searches per day. So if you’re not maximising the search opportunities this presents, your competitors will be.

After running Google Ads campaigns for over 10 years for ourselves and our clients, we know a thing or two about what it takes to get an Google Ads campaign humming along, and what it takes to catapult your business with more revenue and rapid growth.

We think about Google Ads as a default advertising mechanism. It’s all about owning as much real estate in Google search results as possible – both paid and organic listings.  When it comes to Google Ads, understanding exactly what your target audience is searching for is going to help ensure that your business appears in one of the top 4 paid positions (even if your website isn’t ranking for those terms as yet).  The bottom line is your competitors are there, so you need to be there too.

5 Essential steps to discovering the gold in your Googles Ads campaigns.


Search Strategy

The first and foremost starting point to any success in Google Ads is having the right strategy in place.

Build & Launch

We need to build and get the campaign ready to go live. Then flick the switch on.

Traffic Optimisations

It’s so important in getting everything pumping as quickly as we can and as efficiently as we can so it drives revenue ASAP.

Site Engagement Optimisations

The 3 Phases & 9 Optimisation tasks you need for great Google Ads results.

Long Term Scale

The beauty of Google Ads is that it becomes a channel that you can scale both up and down quickly and easily.

Google Ads is one of the best marketing assets your business can have. It can drive qualified leads to your business and drive sales, literally overnight.


Every business is different and will need strategies to achieve different outcomes. In order to define the appropriate strategy for your business, we will assess and analyse available information with the aim of addressing the following questions:


The right information with which to make decisions

Having the right reporting framework in place for your Google Ads is vital to see what is working well and what isn’t, so we can do more of the good and fix or stop the bad. Your BI Framework from Google Ads should include:


Short term growth

Everybody says they optimise their Google Ads campaign, but that’s like saying everybody communicates. And we all know there are good communicators, poor communicators and average communicators. The right Google Ads agency will develop with you a strict and effective optimisation process that will see a real growth in results.


25% growth in revenue in 4 months


Engagement : Sept ’16 – Current


Growth in leads


Growth in sales


Growth in visitors

It’s time to do great digital marketing!

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“Due North has boosted our traffic and doubled our through the door customers in only 6 months of work! Highly recommended!”

Ben Perry

“Our business has used Due North for over 4 years now for our digital marketing and CRM/sales support and it’s been fantastic. Forget a large agency, get personalised service.”

Peter Thomas
Due North

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