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Organisational Requirements

Creating content is not an easy, quick, simple proposition, and you need to be prepared for this challenging process.


The biggest challenges of content creation

There are some real organisational challenges that all businesses face, and you’re certainly not alone in this space. You need to be prepared for the following challenges.

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1. Most People Don’t Want to Do It

Unfortunately, people aren’t inclined to just produce content.

Those that do are doing it, and they’re making a living out of it. For the rest of us laymen, we don’t want to do it. We don’t see it as important in the first instance until you come around to it. We see it more as a chore, where other things are more important. This is one of the big challenges, and you need to shift your mentality to say:

"You know what, man, this is a major asset to our business, and it needs to be given importance and urgency."

So, let’s make it a priority for the whole team to do, so it’s not just one person. Everybody in the business should be producing some content throughout the year.

2. People Underestimate the Time It Takes

Creating really good content takes time across the board.

From brainstorming the ideas, to actually writing or producing the content, to formatting it, to jazzing it up with catchy headings and bullet points, to formatting it live on your website, to making it functional for desktop and mobile, to choosing the images to go with it.

Then you need to share them on your social profiles as posts for engagement. So, you need to write a heading for it, and use an image for it. You need to make it look good on your social channels, then you need to promote it by spending a bit of money boosting it to reach more people.

Then you need to do an Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) for it, which includes writing the content, selecting the images, and creating it into MailChimp, SendinBlue, etc. So, there is an immense amount of time that goes into producing each bit of content. And you need to factor that into people’s time, resources, and the plan of attack required to do it.

3. Making It A Habit

What is the cadence and rhythm you need to do every day, every week, and every month to get this content produced? Creating that habit in stone, and pushing that habit is one of the biggest challenges. Once you make it a habit, it becomes really easy, and simple, and like clockwork. That’s what needs to be built.

It’s time to do great content marketing!

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