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Content is the lifeblood of all digital marketing.

  • Content Strategy
  • Delivers Value for Target Audience
  • Drives Trust and Confidence
  • Grows Visitors, Leads, Sales and Revenue

Great Content Marketing is Vital

It's time to share your lifetime of experiences

Today, content is the lifeblood of all worthwhile digital marketing. It is pivotal to driving awareness of your brand, engaging with the right target audiences and converting people into paying customers. It demonstrates how good you are, drives trust in your business and most importantly adds real value to your target audience before they even talk to you.

Great content does great things for your business:

  • Adds value to potential customers whilst also demonstrating how good you are
  • Builds confidence and trust
  • Increases conversion rates and generates more leads/sales
  • Mr Google loves it
  • Nurtures leads into customers (great for add-ons to your sales process)
  • A valuable long term asset to your business
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The 6 Points of the Content Marketing Compass

With over 17 years of experience successfully growing our own businesses, we’ve created our definitive guide to content marketing success.

Content Strategy

There’s no point in generating content for the sake of generating content. You must have a clear Content Strategy.

Organisational Requirements

Creating content is not an easy, quick, simple proposition, and you need to be prepared for this challenging process.

Foundational Content

Your #1 priority is to make sure you’ve got a really good website that describes all the foundational things that you do.

Content for SEO

Content for SEO will drive the long-term growth in terms of more organic search visitors finding your business.

Thought Leadership Content

This is all the topical information that really brings you to the fore in terms of being an expert in your field.

Lead Funnels & Magnets

This is a high-level synopsis of the technical and content requirements needed to capture and nurture leads.

Content Strategy

There’s a lot more to content than just writing it. We need to know why we are producing each content piece and how it’s going to engage and add value to your target audience. So, once again, the first step is in nailing your customer strategy (namely target audience and value proposition, because without this, you can’t create a good content strategy… and you can’t create good content without a good strategy.)

Value proposition

Your content is all about adding value to the people you want to serve. Every bit of content you create needs to add value that aligns with your value proposition. This part is really important – define what value you want to add, then create content that helps add a little bit of this value with every piece you develop.

Keyword research

There are some great tools out there that give you a guide as to what your target audience are searching for online. This tells us exactly the topic people want to know more about. So guess what? Let’s answer their questions for them (hint: see value proposition above) as the first step in building some trust with them.

Quality over quantity

Number one rule in content is quality over quantity. Produce great content, not okay or mediocre content. Produce it for your target audience, not because an SEO agency tells you too. Demonstrate how good you are by sharing the amazing knowledge you have built up over your life time of experience, through success and failure.

Take me on a journey

One component that is important to producing these digital assets, is that you need to take me on a cool journey that nurtures me into a lifelong customer. Start by giving me a free blog, then get me to watch a video, then introduce me to a more personalised experience with super impressive eBook or white paper. Finally I’ll be ready to test drive your services with a free/nearly free consult/introductory product that acts as the trojan horse to build the relationship.

Build valuable digital marketing assets

This is all about how we produce long term valuable assets that continually deliver new leads and customers (even while you sleep). Its not quick, its not easy, and its not cheap. But when you get it right, it’s worth its weight in gold, and adds significant $$$ to the valuation of your business.

Rhythm and habits

There is no short cutting your content creation. It’s simply a matter of creating a rhythm of habits that see you regularly create new content each week/each month etc. It’s a matter of dedicating the time, systems and process to consistently and regularly do it. Nike’s catch phrase always comes up – Just do it!

Involve the whole team

This should be a whole of business proposition. Every person has specific skills and knowledge that should be shared, that will add real value to potential customers. Every question that is asked by a prospect should be written down, and turned into a blog post. If one person is asking the question, lots of others will be too.

Different strokes for different folks

Everybody is different and people learn differently so it’s important to provide all levels of content in lots of different formats:

  • Provide high level summaries and then provide all the detail
  • Do it in a blog, do the next one in a video
  • Video is so important in this day and age
  • eBooks and white papers etc.
  • Interactive online tools are great too

Build a valuable database

A database of potential customers is worth its weight in gold, so le’ts use some of your mind blowing content to capture an email address that you can continually market too. Most people are happy to give away their email address for a nugget or two of gold. And then continually share with them great content.

Our motto is that nobody can create content as well as you can, so don’t outsource it! You owe it to your customers and potential customers for the ideas, information, advice and guidance that come out of your head (the content from others is never good enough). You can use others to type it up, spruce it and get it live, but the core ideas and messages need to come from you.

Most people, by nature, are shy and don’t feel they have great ideas to share. You’re wrong – completely wrong. A life time of experiences makes you unique and very knowledgeable. It’s time to share them and promote your content:

  • On social channels where your target audiences are (not where they’re not)
  • On email with leads and clients
  • On blog sites
  • On media sites

Pay for it with boosted posts

And put some money behind it. You want as many people to see your great content as possible, so put money behind each and every post. If you don’t think the post is good enough to share, make it better until it is.

Last lesson: don’t produce crap content, only great content.


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It’s time to do great content marketing!

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