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With the ever-changing world that we currently live in (especially with technology), it’s vital to have a diverse and varied marketing team working for you. No matter the size of your business, you need somebody working in all the below spots to ensure your marketing system delivers the growth in new customers that you are looking for.

  • Marketing Manager: Somebody to oversee and steer the ship with lots of experience.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Who can complete lots of general and diverse tasks (you’ll be really surprised at how much there is).
  • Digital Ads: It’s our opinion that all businesses need to be doing digital ads (Google, Facebook etc) and you need somebody that has the technical skills to do it well.
  • Web Design & Development: You need a great website and that comes with having a great web developer and designer on call.
  • Analytics & BI: The technical nature of software means you need to be able to pull all data points together in cohesive and easy to read reports and dashboards.
  • Creatives: Good designers who can craft outstanding materials.
  • Content: The lifeblood of the digital economy, you need to be producing information that engages your target audience.
  • Social: Time to get social and engage with your target audiences.
  • Email: Every business needs to be running email campaigns. It provides the best return on marketing spend by far.

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“Due North gave our website a long overdue and serious overhaul, so it now actually ‘works for us’. I love working with Due North, and have recommended them to lots of people.”

Adrienne Meakin

“Working with Ben and the Team at Due North have been excellent! They’ve provided exactly what we needed, when we needed it and got us to the next level. Highly Recommended!”

N&C Hirons

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