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Crack Digital Marketing Team for Hire

When you partner with Due North, we will work with you in the way that best suits your business needs.  We will work with your team to execute your plan, and where necessary, provide the missing resources to get the job done.

Benefits of working with Due North

  • Expert team. Broad range of professionals from diverse sales and marketing backgrounds with years of experience. Whatever your problem or need, we’ve got someone who can help.
  • Quicker results. We’ll save you time by actioning tasks in half the time.
  • Cost versus value. You’ll not only save yourself a bunch of time, but the increased revenue you’ll get in return will far outweigh any reservations about the invested cost.

Why work with Due North?

  • We get sh^t done! With direct access to the people performing the tasks, agreed timeframes and quick turnaround times, we don’t mess about.
  • We know our stuff. We’ve successfully been running our own businesses for over 17 years – more times than not, learning the hard way from our mistakes. That’s why we know from experience what works in sales and marketing to get your business revenue pumping.

Digital Marketing is in our DNA.

Todays Marketing Team

With the ever-changing world (especially with technology) that we currently live in, its vital to have a diverse and varied marketing team working for you.

Own Search

Make sure your target audience finds you before your competitors with both paid and organic search campaigns.

Grow Relationships

Email and Social are core tools for finding your potential clients, engaging with them and building lasting relationships.

Great Website

We help you improve your website to create a wow factor, and help create a smooth customer journey that ultimately leads to more conversions.

25% growth in revenue in 4 months.

Engagement : Sept ’15 – Current

“I set Due North a target of growing my business by 25% within 6-12 months. They delivered in just 4! Their professionalism, communication and results have been excellent. It is extremely refreshing to find a company that takes the time to guide you through the process, understand your requirements and then deliver a solution in a timely fashion. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Guy Wilson | General Manager

Due North

Your mission isn’t to be the quarterback, it’s to be the coach.

Both internal and external

And this involves engaging both internal and external people, who, when combined, ensure that you have all the gaps covered. They have the grey hairs of ‘being there and done that’ and have learnt the hard way.

The beauty of external: There are a couple of things we love about using external people.

Scale as you need them

  • It's quicker and easier (actually saves you a lot of time and money).
  • No staffing headaches (no recruitment, no sacking, no wrongful dismal cases, no sick leave, no my dog ate my homework, my girlfriend left me).
  • Life is too short to try and do everything yourself.

Start external and transition internal as the business case dictates

It’s our belief, that it’s best to start using external partners and freelancers and then shift to internal people over time as the business case and core competency/ competitive advantage dictate. For example, you’ll start running Google Ads with an external agency and if it becomes a vital part of your business and you start spending a lot of money (like $100K+ per month), you are going to want to bring this in-house as it’s such a core part of your business that you need to own it. If you’re only ever going to spend $5K on Google Ads, there is no point in bringing it in-house (costs you too much with too many HR headaches to warrant it).

They become your battled hardened army

They will do what’s necessary to get the job done well, on time, on budget and to the quality required. They have your back when things don’t go right, and are always two steps ahead of you, letting you know why things haven’t gone right and what we need to do to right the ship and correct course.

Don’t be cheap!

Good people are worth their weight in gold. Don’t try and save 10%, 20% even 50% just to save money. This will cause you nothing but heartache. Find good people, pay them well (and what they ask for) because they’ll provide much better value. It will be done faster, better and will provide your business and customers with improved outcomes.

Ready to do great digital marketing?

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“Due North is the expert when it comes to putting us on the customer journey, especially in an extremely competitive market.”
Geoff Stewart
“Starting from scratch, we built a national chain of 26 retail stores under the G-Star brand. What an adventure it was employing over 250 staff at our peak.”
Nick Hirons
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