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Instagram post 18112898053020770 If you're not getting what you want, you're not asking the right questions - either of yourself or of others. Getting different information, ideas, feedback, guidance is all you need to take your game to the next level. Being inquisitive will generally solve all your problems. #answer #qotd
Instagram post 17911798543367303 It's important to remember that there is always more than one way to do things, and quite often, somebody else's way is just as good if not better than yours. Stay humble! #stayhumble #qotd
Instagram post 17845777594696003 The power of nature and adventure on the mind #qotd #adventure
Instagram post 18106485253055388 So chose to be bloody happy! It makes for a much more fun life. #happiness #qotd
Instagram post 17919508444336331 Far too often we worry what the people who aren't important in our life will think of us when we make mistakes orblunder. When the most important people are the ones we need to think about and they won't be nearly as judgemental, and certainly more forgiving.

Focus your energies on the important people in your life, not those that are fleeting. #qotd #drseuss
Instagram post 18071448928190498 The Iron Triangle - can you have all 3 or not? #foodforthought #businessquotes #theirontriangle #qotd
Instagram post 17842437103661478 We’ve all heard this quip before, but it's a retort we rarely have the gumption to use... #hometruths #planahead #qotd
Instagram post 18064648630178779 Something to ponder from HHDL #luck #qotd
Instagram post 17965181896280295 We’re loving this concept over at Due North. It's always a good reminder of why we do what we do. We’ll be taking this sentiment with us into the weekend. How about you…have you discovered your purpose? #qotd #happyfriday #purpose
Instagram post 17912095711320213 Great quote from John Muir, one of Australia's greatest explorers in recent times. Puts your challenges into perspective, makes you humble and your trials and tribulations less daunting. What book are you carrying? #happyfriday #qotd
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