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Are you being courageous enough?

I absolutely love this video. It is absolute pure gold – funny, interesting and full of some great concepts.

In just 2.5 minutes it communicates some fundamentals in marketing that we often forget, overlook or are just too scared:

Be Courageous

And stand up for what you believe in, what your business does, the value you provide and your ‘Why’.

Find a few followers

One is all you need to start, because the second won’t be far away and it only takes a few!

Nurture your followers

Building lasting and valuable relationships with those few followers is your most important task because…

Followers will bring more followers

The power of the tribe is that they will bring more customers if you’ve nurtured them in the right way.

Outsiders need to see followers

You need to shout from the top of your lungs how good your followers are and what they’re getting out of working with you

Your movement must be public

Share your message and gift with the world!

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